Price Family Foundation

Welcome to the Price Family Foundation, a foundation created to better the community of South Florida. Founded in 2016 by Jason Price, President of America’s Health Group Inc., and his father Steven Price, the Price Family Foundation hopes to help the South Florida area by providing aid to local charities and organizations within the area. The Price Family Foundation believes in the importance of supporting the community through local charities and hopes to see South Florida neighborhoods grow and thrive in the upcoming years.

As a life-long resident of South Florida, Price Family Foundation founder Jason Price possesses an in-depth understanding of the community’s most pressing issues and charitable needs. Some of the most common issues within the South Florida community stem from a lack of government and charitable funding to various organizations. Of these issues, the Price Family Foundation believes some of the most pressing to be special needs education, foster care adoption, and animal humane society funding. Local surveys have shown that over 22,500 Florida children are currently living without stable housing and access to quality education, over 320,000 children with disabilities in need of humanitarian services, and severe overpopulation of many South Florida animal shelters. Recognizing this, Jason Price and the Price Family Foundation hope to, in the near future, provide aid to various local charities that partner with these causes.

While Price Family Foundation believes in supporting charities locally, nationally, and internationally, local charities often receive fewer donations than their national competitors, making them far more likely to close their doors. However, even with fewer donations, local charities frequently keep a smaller percentage of donations for their organization compared to national and international charities. To allow these small charities to continue to do their good work in the community, Price Family Foundation hopes to focus on these small local charities by offering both donations and media exposure.

The mission of the Price Family Foundation is “Helping Good People Do Good Things.” Within the upcoming years, Price Family Foundation hopes to not only aid South Florida’s charity organizations but also to inspire other local residents within the community to do the same.